Versions aims to be a next-generation backup software, freely available and open source.

I'm announcing the development of Versions today.  This is more of an experiment for my own benefit at this point, but we'll see where it goes.  I'm trying to see if it's possible to build an efficient, open source, network enabled backup software.  Obviously that's a tall order.  For the time being, I need to write a PoC for backup and restore functionality.  That's where Devember comes in.  I'm going to be using it as a driving factor to push the development of a PoC for this software and hopefully by the start of January, I'll have something that either works or is close to working.

So with that said:

I, Kyle, will participate to the next Devember. My Devember will be writing backup software in Go.  I promise I will program for my Devember for at least an hour, every day of the next December. I will also write a daily public devlog and will make the produced code publicly available on the internet. No matter what, I will keep my promise.